Bremmer 19″ Wheels & Firestone Tires

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Bremmer 19″ Wheels & Firestone Tires

Full set of 4 wheels/tires/TPMS .
Wheels are Bremmer Kraft BR08 19×10″ +35 offset.
titanium w/machined undercut (see pics). 19×10 +35 offset.
Should fit any 2015-2017 Mustang S550 without the GTPP brakes.
All 4 wheels are 19×10″ this is NOT a staggered set.
you can rotate your tires easily front-back-side.
Tires are Firestone Indy 500 wide oval tires 285/35/19
brand new, still have stickers on. NEVER been driven on.
Includes 4 tires, 4 wheels, 4 center caps, 4 TPMS sensors.
All are professionally mounted and balanced.



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